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The Build

Following discussions with the client, I decided to not go down the route of a more complex Headless CMS solution and instead went with a more traditional monolithic WordPress approach. This allowed for a much faster development time, which in turn kept the project within budget as well as reduce hosting costs.

To ensure a well structured, organised codebase I have used Twig templating (via Timber) to separate the Front End view templates from the Back End. This allowed me to easily abstract the components/pages into named module folders containing the relevant HTML, CSS and JS for each. I find this dramatically increases productivity of development and allows for greater clarity of where everything is located in codebase.

My Role

  • Liaising with Client and Key Stakeholders
  • Reviewing UX/Designs
  • Scoping/Estimations
  • Full Stack Developer
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Quirksmode is a fully responsive Universal React Application connected to a Headless CMS designed and developed by myself, web enthusiast and all round nice guy Dave. It was created to be my Portfolio and voice to the world.

All code has been hand written from scratch using Visual Studio. All of the opinions on this site are my own and do not represent those of my employer or colleagues.

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