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My new DJ site is finally live! Spurred on by the fact I desperately needed to find somewhere to host my new APC-40 midi template, I have finally created my DJ website, a home to all things Quirksmode and DJP. This is where I get to showcase all my latest mixes and tunes whilst simultaneously and unashamedly, (it is my website after all ;-) ) promote myself.

You can check out the site by going to www.quirksmode.co.uk/dj.

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Quirksmode is a fully responsive Universal React Application connected to a Headless CMS designed and developed by myself, web enthusiast and all round nice guy Dave. It was created to be my Portfolio and voice to the world.

All code has been hand written from scratch using Visual Studio. All of the opinions on this site are my own and do not represent those of my employer or colleagues.

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David Plunkett

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