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It wouldn’t be a new website launch without some kind of random new flat post from myself. After moving down from Birmingham to London I have managed to find a lovely new flat in the old Highbury Stadium right next to Arsenal tube. There’s a lot of history in this place and as a huge Arsenal fan myself it really is an honour to live here. It’s actually quite eerie at first to look out the window and see a landscaped garden in place of the pitch knowing what used to happen here, it’s certainly a lot quieter now, though obviously nowhere near as quiet as the Emirates (as a red member I am allowed to make that joke ;-)).

If anyone is thinking of moving to London I would highly recommend checking this place out, for London the rooms are a pretty decent size and thanks to the floor to the full height wall windows you always get loads of light coming in (great for summer parties). Location is pretty good as well, it’s right next to Arsenal tube which is on the Piccadilly line and you can get to Kings Cross in about 5 minutes or Covent Garden in about 10.

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