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Privacy Policy


Within this Privacy Policy you will find information on how Quirksmode collects and uses both the data provided by you and that collected during your use of the website.

How we collect data about you and your use of this site

As a user of our site you will always have control of the data we collect about you. However, there will be areas of the site that will require you to provide certain information for you to be able to use or access them. Contact information may be collected via a variety of methods. We will also collect information on site visits and the method by which visitors navigate their way through our site.

How I may use your data

Data that we collect about you will only be used for the purposes given below:

Personal data collected as part of the contact process will be held primarily to fulfil your request or instruction. This data will be retained, but will be kept private.

Data collected online may be used to carry out analysis that will allow me to monitor the success of Quirksmode and plan future site content and activity. This data will be kept anonymous.

Links to external websites

This website provides links to external sites to ensure you are able to find all the information you require. Please be aware that Quirksmode is unable to accept responsibility for the security of any information that you choose to divulge to any external websites.

Policy changes

Any changes to the way Quirksmode collects or uses data will be promptly reflected in this policy. For any queries as to the collection or use of your personal data, please contact me.

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