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World Famous Football Predictor

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Combining two of my favorite loves, football and building websites made me very happy indeed when working on this project. This website/application allows users to login and make predictions for the upcoming football matches. I built it using the Codeigniter framework and added loads of AJAX to make the whole experience a lot slicker. Building this taught me so much about the importance of really solid database design and getting everything well planned from the start. There is an admin section that powers the whole website and from here you are able to:

  • Setup/Edit Competitions
  • Setup/Edit Users
  • Add/Remove Fixtures including toggle postponed matches
  • Add/Remove Results
  • Add/Remove Teams and assign them to Competitions along with their badges

Once logged in users are able to upload a photo as well as personal information such as favorite team. They can easily switch between competitions and their progress is charted week by week and shown on a results table and various graphs/charts.


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