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This Flash application is intended to give the audience a glimpse of a typical student household. There are 2 rooms available to interact with, with nearly every item making a sound. The sound is dynamically controlled by the position of the screen e.g. scrolling to the left will cause all the sounds on the right to become quieter. A short intro was created along with audio help to fully describe the navigation panel. The rooms are made up of photos that have been stitched together and panning was achieved through the use of Actionscript.

This application begins with a short intro that says “Hi, and welcome to student house. Please click on the buttons below to access the various rooms”. There will be a panel along the bottom that contains a set of buttons. The left hand side buttons control the main photo of the room. The right hand side buttons access the different pages. When u roll over an image and it appears blue with a red border, then you can click on this to hear the corresponding sound.


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