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Riverside walk

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This interactive CD-ROM was created to present information about one of Leicester’s famous riverside walks. Features include an interactive tour, along with information about the history, wildlife and places of interest one may see while on the walk.

This project was designed and created from scratch using Flash for my final year module entitled “Information Design”. Before work could begin it was important to firstly learn about what good information design actually was. A variety of websites and books were consulted and conclusions drawn up in the form of a design checklist. This checklist was then used as a guide during the design and development phases.

Every step of the walk was photographed, with each photo being used to represent each stage of the interactive tour. A guide was filmed to offer knowledge about each section of the walk along with a map that displays your current location.

Disclaimer: This is pretty old now, but I had such a great time creating it that I wanted to keep it on my site.


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