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It may be the old version of this site, but after the many hours spent slaving away over it back in the day I thought it only fair to feature it as I reckon it’s still a pretty cool site. It’s amazing how much I can spot wrong with it now, though isn’t hindsight always such a wonderful thing. My good intentions to keep the blog going have clearly failed so I am hoping with version 2 I am going to get more involved in this as I have so much stuff I want to share with the world and this is the perfect platform to do that.

To quote the original blurb, Quirksmode (v1) is a custom built Content Management System powered by WordPress, a place where I can showcase all my latest work, music and share my opinions with the world. This website uses valid XHTML and CSS, adhering to strict W3C standards and accessibility practices. All other technologies should degrade successfully.

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