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Delta Force Paintball

Delta Force Paintball Featured Image


After coming across an early demo of my Master Blaster game I was approached by the UK’s largest paintballing company to design and develop them an online flash game. With a tight deadline I was unable to get exactly the right imagery at the time so opted to Photoshop existing images to suit my needs. The results came out quite well with the backdrops looking rich and varied. My only one regret was the poor character animation, but this will be addressed for the next version when I can do some onsite photography.

Point bonuses feature heavily in this game with a strong emphasis on stringing headshots together without getting hit. Different parts of the body result in different points and all stats are registered and displayed at the end of each level. Multiple weapons can be used and the enemy paintballs are randomised with the accuracy increasing depending on the level.

A PHP/MySQL highscore table allows the users to save their scores with the winner for that week receiving a free day’s paintballing. Emails are also retained allowing for a mailing list to be generated.


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