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Innovative and greatly talented, Quirksmode’s wide ranging music style incorporates elements from electronica and breaks to house and techno, infusing each with an infectious passion and energy that has resulted in crowded dance floors and rave reviews. Pushing the boundaries of technology, his digitally forged sets combine turntable trickery with creative efx, producing a fresh sound that has earned him plenty of success worldwide.


The Story So Far

Having played predominantly in the midlands of the UK, DJP traveled to South Africa and gained great success winning the Vestax DJ competition and later playing at all their tops clubs such as Dockside, Gallery, Enigma, 96 degrees and Legacy. After headlining various parties hosted by Tidy Trax, Tripoli Trax and Y2K, DJP was invited to play at Tribal Gathering and was later aired live on Cape Town radio.

On his return to the UK in 2003, DJP won Gurn.nets nationwide DJ competition that led to him playing the main room at Cream (at Nation, Liverpool) on Boxing Day alongside Fergie, Tall Paul, Eddie Halliwell and Anne Savage. His affiliation and residency with resulted in bookings at all the top festivals including Creamfields and Global Gathering, followed by regular appearances at Polysexual@Air, Sundissential, Gatecrasher, Storm@The emporium and Digital@Ponana. All this on top of 3 residency’s at Nocturnal, Swivel and Extra.

2005 saw DJP’s international career continue as he was flown back out to South Africa to carry on where he had left off. A major highlight of this trip included his temporary residency at the notorious Digital parties where he made a name for himself with his courtyard sets pushing the sound of breaks and electro.

More coming soon…

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