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I finally have a new flat

My new flat in the Rotunda

I have finally made the big move and left my seaside hometown of Ramsgate. It wasn’t the best, but I will definitely miss it. Birmingham is now my latest place of residence and I am definitely so much happier here.

Admittedly my commute to work is a bit of a killer at 1:10 mins, but Virgin Trains are pretty comfy (though always late!) and it allows me time to catch up on the important things in life e.g. music production, watching movies etc.

Back onto subject, I have just moved into the Rotunda, an Urban Splash renovation, situated right at the heart of Birmingham in the city centre. It’s brand new and I think I was actually the first person to move in. The flat itself is amazing, up on the 11th floor with an amazing view of the town centre. Check out the photos below.

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